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FOT-ART is an export-import company operating in the Polish and European market for over ten years.

We offer a wide range of photographic equipment. Being a modern and fast-developing company, we have expanded our range of products to include batteries and light bulbs.

The goods imported by FOT-ART are of the highest quality. We are the Exclusive Distributor of Yokohama batteries.

We co-operate both with wholesellers as well as reatilers and individual clients. Our products can be delivered in the whole area of Poland via Poczta Polska or DHL.

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We are currently building a new warehouse, situated nearby the A8 ring road in Wrocław.

The warehouse is intended to be the main logistics centre of our company in Europe. It is worth mentioning that the whole warehouse will be powered by solar energy.

Details of investment

Location: Mokronos Dolny near Wrocław
Floor surface: 4,500 sq m
Office surface: 459 sq m
Number of loading ramps: 6
Deadline: 2014


Fot-Art is located in the middle-east Europe, in Wrocław, Poland.

Poland is a country situated in the middle of Europe, with almost 40-million inhabitants. It is ranked as 6th as far as the number of citizens is concerned.

Wrocław is conveniently placed nearby one of the most important East-West transport routes, the A4 motorway (E40).

Wrocław is the fourth biggest city in Poland and the capital of Lower Silesia region. It has a well-developed infrastructure and communication links. It is one of the fastest developing regions among big cities in Poland.




The following graph shows the volume of sales of batteries over 2007-2012.

The data illustrates the dynamic development of our company and shows our good management strategies.


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ul. Gajowicka 172/2
53-150 Wrocław, Poland


Andrzej Ambryszewski




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